Montessori Monday~ Princess Week 3

Today we are still working out our school work! We have kept our theme the same, but Bunny is really not interested in doing any school at all. So I though maybe a school room reorganization would make it feel “new”. So we spent alot of time today moving the furniture all around in ever combination we could think of. However, we ended up just putting it all back, and just moved some of the works around instead! Our sensorial work went over on the tall shelf. I hope this will encourage Pup to work with all of it, so far its working! As soon as it was all on the shelf, she was pulling it off to work with it! 🙂 Bunny and I also moved all the math beads to lower shelves so they are easier to reach! We also moved the self above it up so that it was more like the language area. She likes the idea of working there at the shelf for some of the work! I really hope that this allows her to really dig in! 😉 We will see! I also pulled out a few more things for our Princess theme! This theme has actually taken a path where there is alot of things we can learn about! Bunny loves the Frog Princess (after we read a few of the books, I got the Disney Movie out for her to watch). This interest has her asking to learn about frogs! So I headed right over to my FAVORITE Montessori printable site, Montessori Print Shop! They have some amazing products and they have FREE Frog cards!!!!! Perfect!!!! So I printed them off and got them on the shelves this week! I also have been working on time with Bunny (there are a ton of fairy tales that have time in them! Cinderella is one that sticks out). I found a great site for worksheets! This worksheet site allows you to customize the clocks style and you can also choose to tell time to the minute, the ten minutes, or the quarter hour, etc! This is perfect since you can make the worksheets right where your kids need them! I made a couple of different sheets to the five minutes, then I cut them apart into cards for her to work with individuality. So enough talking….here are the pictures from our work time today!

Part of a Frog

Frog Booklet

Polishing the “Magic Mirror”

Princess Graphing

Princess/ Not Princess Sorting
Our work time was short today due to the rearranging of the room! But having all the work out in different places really seemed to inspire some work! I hope that this is something that continues! 😉
Color by Number

Clock work!

Princess Stamp

Fairy Dust
(this is still such a hit)

Princess Graphing

Buckle work
(This is one of those dolls with all the different fasteners. Its a great practical life doll!;)
So that is it for today! I am linking this post to Montessori Monday! Stop by there to see all the amazing Montessori work that people are doing all over the blogging work! Happy Schooling Everyone!