Montessori Monday~ Space Unit!

Well as promised we are jumping into space! 🙂 It is seems weird to me to not do a Christmas theme, but we are ready to learn so we will! 🙂 I think that to bring it all together with the season, I will talk about the star that shone over the stable! We started the week off with some new trays! I went all out like I used to and made about four new trays! I wish I could do some more, but space is limited in the school room. Pup was really excited about then though! She did alot of good work today with the new work! Here is what is out right now:

Balancing Planets on golf tees

Sifting planets

Universe Stringing Beads
(I spent a ton of time looking for star shaped beads, but I couldnt find any)

Pin Punching Planets
The girls were working alot today and we were able to get a great space lesson in today! I started with the planets and how they and earth orbits the sun! I did the orbiting lesson from the Karen Tyler album for Pup and I did the same lesson for Bunny out of my elementary albums!
Making our little earth orbit the sun!

In the elementary albums, the demonstration was to use a bead on the end of a string and swing it around in the air to see how the orbit goes. Bunny thought it was great!

We only get a 2 billionth of the heat of the sun! Bunny didnt understand, so we wrote it out and showed it as a fraction family! She was AMAZED and wants to know more about big numbers. I dont have the hierarchical work, does anyone know how else I can show this to her?
When we finished out presentation, Bunny got to work drawing a book of the planets that orbit the sun!

So that is our space kick off! Both girls are excited and I would love to keep it going! I am hoping to have Bunny get to the presentations about how time and the sun are connected and maybe even get us outside for some stargazing! I hope you all are having a great week! If you want to see more great Montessori fun, stop by Montessori Monday! Happy Schooling!