Montessori Monday~ The Black Strip!

Well today we did the follow ups from Great Lesson Two, the black strip! I had planned to do the third great lesson, but then I knew that doing the black strip with the kids was just too good to pass up! They LOVED it! I told the story and unrolled it in the classroom, then we took it outside! I think that they were really impressed with how long it really is and how very little time that humans have been here! They were SO excited to stretch it all out down the sidewalk and I know that it left an impression! The older girls even decided that they wanted to measure how many of their feet long it was ( 109 in you were wondering). I also did a quick presentation on the Clock of Eras. This wasnt so exciting, but after our presentation, they all did get to work! However, what they did was mostly other Montessori work! 🙂 I did quite a few presentations on some of the other works in the classroom and it was fun!

Bunny and her friend made their own Clock of Eras using the circle inset as a start.

There were a few of the younger kids loved this lesson too! In fact, B (age 4) worked with the clock work and drew this picture of a little drop of jelly in the ocean, a volcano, and a stegosaurus! I guess he was impressed with the story too!

Working together!

Look at that concentration! I loved the E. worked really hard and even corrected the blocks she missed!

Look at her! So happy and confident! She knew she could do it!

So there we have it! It was busy, productive, and lots of fun! Next Monday we are going to be talking about the Coming of Humans! I just know that this lessons will be a lot of fun for them! They are already talking about how the first humans looked and lived! So I think we are going to have a great lesson! Happy Schooling Everyone!