Montessori Monday~ Timelines and Trays

Today we did the First Timeline of Humans. I was really excited about this since it is something that Bunny has been thinking about. Now, unlike the timeline of life, I didnt make this one despite my best intention. I really just ran out of time and energy to get it done in time. So I bought one from Alison’s Montessori. This one is a very nice timeline, but I think that I like the other one from Montessori Services, but the price difference it what changed my mind. However, the one I bought is really great. It is made from a recycled plastic paper that is waterproof, washable, fade proof, crease proof, and well everything proof! The colors are really great too. Plus I like that there is research info right one the timeline! The only thing that I like on the other one better is the fact that there are not very many pictures of the early humans. I think that this is a good thing especially as Bunny get older since she can use her imagination more, but right now, she really likes to see things! So I am thinking that I will need to get some of the research cards next order! 🙂 But today I presented it, and the kids really liked it. I suggested they draw some picture or think about what they think a early human would have done. They did a little bit, but I think that I really need to have some research card to help them think about what information to find. Does anyone have any good ones? (I am out of money for right now)! Here is some pictures of their work!

I also did some fraction presentations and the girls also did some geography as well! I think it is  fun to see what they choose to work with!

Now with all of this cosmic work going on, you maybe wondering what the younger kiddos are doing during this time. Well, I will tell you. My playroom is turned into casa while there are a bunch of little ones! Instead of toys I have Pink Tower, puzzles, cylinder blocks, pencils and paper, shape sorters, brown stair, metal insets,and a bunch of trays on the shelves. I moved my white table and chairs up there, and I added some rugs! They really seem to enjoy it and I think its fun make up work for them too! I have been trying to make sure I have some fall themed work for them. I have made quite a few trays and I thought I would share them all with you! So here are some of the themed work I have put out in the past couple of weeks:


I forgot to get pictures of the tweezing corn cob kennels ( the kids used the tweezers to pick the kennels off the cob). I also dont have a picture of the apple tree matching game I have out. I got it from Apple n’ Amos. It is really cute and super fun to play!
So there you have it! We have been having alot of fun and my goal is to do alot more with the kids this week. I think that Pup is ready to get into some Physical Science (using Karen Tyler’s Albums) and Bunny is begging for “new” work! So stop back soon! If you want more Montessori fun right now, be sure to visit Deb for the Montessori Monday Link Up! Happy Schooling!