Montessori Monday~ Water!!!

Today we jumped into our next theme~ Water!!!!! I of course made a few tray last night and we were all ready for school right away this morning! Here are a few pictures of the work the girls dug into today!

Counting, sorting and open close! 🙂
Pup sorts the beads into the right containers, then counts them and puts the lids on!

Pouring water with beads

Water Transfer

Bunny is still wanting to know everything about parrots, so I brought out the parts of a bird nomenclature cards!
More Puzzle Work!

Water Pouring

Counting the beads. Pup has been counting everything!!!! She really enjoyed counting the numbers. She is also starting to recognize her numbers!

Golden Bead! I made a small booklet with math problems in it and put a parrot on the front! Now its a super cool thing to do! I love using their passions to inspire more learning! 🙂

Speaking of parrots, Bunny has really been reading and looking at everything parrot she can find! Today her first work of the day was to make a parts of a parrot book! She used our Parts of a bird cards from Montessori Print Shop! She did a really great job!

We also did the first water experiment from the Waseca Biome Study that helped the girls see how much water there is on the earth. We also looked at how much of that is fresh water and how much of it is frozen! First we filled up a bowl of water with 100oz of water. Then we took 4 tablespoons of it out and out it into a cup. This represented how much of the water on earth is frozen ( had frozen another container with the 4 T of water last night so it would be ready). We also took out another 2T to represent the the fresh water in the world! Finally we talked about how all the water left is salt water that is mainly in the ocean! It was really interesting to “see” what water is in the world and what the percentages are! I of course took a few pics!

Adding salt.

We also tasted the salt water and talked about how we need to protect our fresh water since it is such a precious and limited resource. As you can see Bunny really thought it tasted BAD. Pup however told me it was ok! Silly Girl!

So that was what we were up to today! I hope that we have a great week and I hope you do too! If you want to see more fun Montessori work, be sure to stop by Living Montessori Now! I linked up to Montessori Monday there and there are a million of amazing ideas! Happy Schooling Everyone!