More School Days!

Well I have actually gotten the girls down stairs to do school work everyday this week! Yeah me! And yeah them!!! We have done quite a few works that have been left on the shelves for quite a while! I was really pleased that they all chose some good work. We still need to get that deeper concentration, but we are getting there! Here are some pictures of Wednesday and today! Wednesday was pretty good with Bug and Tadpole, but there was still a bit of a struggle with them. I really don’t know what I could do differently, but I guess I will keep thinking. We were able however to paint some self portraits and the girls really loved that!I was really pleased with how detailed they each were able to make their pictures. It is interesting to see their different abilities so clearly defined! Here are some pictures!

Yes Pup did this work from Montessori Print Shop.  I read her the labels and she put them where they went! She really loved this!

Putting the chalk board by the sandpaper letters was such great change! Everyone uses it and is learning their letters! Preparing the environment is a good thing!

Here are the girls sketching out their portraits. I gave each girl a mirror so they could look and see what everything looked like. Then I let them help me pick out what color they needed for hair, skin, eyes, and mouth. After that I left them to it!

Here is Pup’s
(I was shocked and so proud that she was able to actually draw a face. This is the first one she has ever drawn!)

This is Bug.

This is Bunny!
Arent their portrait great? I love them and I hung them in the kitchen! Today was a bit more laid back but the girls and I were able to do some good work too! Here are the pictures I took!
Here is Pup using our silence tray. She loved it so much. She made everyone else be quite too. She sat there looking at the sand timer and moved the candle around for a LONG time! I think I will have to keep this tray out for a while!

Bunny did combinations of 10 and 8 with the number rods!

So that is what we have been up to today!!!! I hope you have had a good school week too! I plan on posting a bit this weekend, but if I dont, be sure to stop by on Monday! We are going to be starting a fun theme for March!!!! I have a lot planned! See you then!