My Montessori Mess!

Well, I spent the day working on organizing the school room for starting our learning again! I am making a chalk board for our space, and I am figuring out how to make things flow! Want to see my results? Well here is what I have:



Not what you thought you’d see is it? 🙂 What a mess. I emptied all the shelves and started to rearrange everything! My goal was to make things flow better and have cleaned space. I felt like there was stacks of stuff on the shelves that were not easy to get to. Plus, I didn’t need the table top chalkboard since I was making one for the wall. That freed up some space and it made me able to use it differently. I love using the Montessori materials as decoration,  but I felt like things were too cluttered. So we are changing that too. Plus, I am trying to make the art shelf stocked and ready! So….you will have to wait to see it all when its not a huge mess! I hope it will be in the next day or two! On a side note, I do know that not only is my school room a mess, so it my blog! I am working on that too! So now, it is time for me to stop talking (typing) and get to work! Happy School Planning!