Oh what to do…..

Well today we did a little bit of school work, but not much. Bunny has been super tierd lately and I really don’t know why. Last night she was in bed by 7:15 (yes that early) and she didn’t get up until about 7:15. That 12 hours! I really don’t know why she should be tired by 10 am. I hope its just a growing thing, not something bad!
Anyway, we started our day working on some green sounds today and really just wasn’t clicking at all!  Even sounds that i know I have presented to her three or four times, she still doesn’t get. I’m not sure if that is just a sign that she isn’t ready or if I’m doing something wrong. I really think that I am missing something, but I cant figure it out. Bunny has picked things up in a really different order then most Montessori albums suggest. I wanted to use the Dwyer System, but that seemed too tricky for her. It was almost too big of steps So I used a few of the regular PGB things, but that was too much work to keep trying to put stuff together (I don’t have that many objects!). So I’m not really sure what to do. Not to mention, I’m not sure what to do when Bunny looks at a word, sees something that looks like a double letter sound, but then it makes a different sounds then what she think it makes! Then she get confused and I’m not sure what to tell her!  You see for me reading seems like the holy grail of schooling. If you cant read well and don’t love doing it, then life will be harder for you. Anyway, I guess I am looking for any hints or helpful ideas from you other moms out there who have taught a child to read all ready! What do you recommend? Any ideas would be great!