Other work from this week!

I haven’t had a chance to put up pictures of the other work that we did this week. The girls did many other things in addition to our apple work! I was really happy with the work that they did! Here is what they did.

Bug wanted to try some knobless cylinders.

Tadpole worked with a cylinder block. He did pretty well. Its hard to find good work for him to do. If anyone has ant ideas I would love to hear them. He is 18 mos. 🙂

Bunny worked with the object box and did really good work. Shes pretty resistant to language work, but I keep offering activities for her to practice. I hope that one day she just has that Montessori language explosion!

Here is a page in one our outside books that Bunny drew. Its the outside work station! I think it looks good!
I also presented golden bead static subtraction to Bunny. She LOVED it! I guess that she was getting board with just addition! Oops!

One to One work.

I tired word families with Bunny. It went ok. 🙂 I keep trying different ideas.

Bunny wrote her “a” on the chalk board.

I also found both of my girls doing work before we even got dressed! 🙂 Here are their before breakfast work!

Sharpening pencils

World Puzzle, she did about half of it! 🙂 But she sis really well!

She also begged to use the sand tray. This is something she has wanted to use for a long time, so I showed her how to write “a” in the sand. She did really well. She would draw a circle shape and say “aaaaa”. It was really cute!

Here is a picture of her “a”

She was really proud of her work!

Bunny did rock matching work.

She also explored the nature tray.

Here is Pup with her around the world book!
Whew! It was a long week! Amazingly we haven’t done school the last few days!I really hope this week goes as well! We are doing “M” next! I plan on doing the Montessori SMAT order of letter presentation. I have a few things all ready to go!
How was your week?