Princess Theme School

So…if you have popped by here lately, you may have noticed a million changed happening all day! 🙂 I am still trying to figure this web design thing out and once I do it will be great! However, we are not there yet! So please bear with me! I am trying to keep all the basics in place to make this easy. But if you have something that you would like me to include, please let me know! Since you are the visiting and navigating, you should have a say!

Now on to more fun things! my little sister is three and this year my mom is starting some theme work for her each month! So I of course thought that I could help out! You  who have been following along with me for a while knows that I love to make Montessori inspired themed trays of work! So I brought out a theme set we did a couple of years ago and I added some fun elements to it! So I thought I would share the tray with you in case you have a little girl who would love some of this fun too! I was able to use some printables and create some work that still holds true to the Montessori principles. The Printable kit is free from 1+1+1=1!  Here is what we have on the shelf!


Princess Play dough
(Purple and sparkly with these cookies cutters I had)!


Cards and Counters


Reading and Matching


Color by number


Pouring in a Goblet


Princess and Not Princess Sorting


Princess Three part Cards
(These are more reading practice then educational. We used them for memory match too)


Finish the Pattern


Scrubbing Glass Slipper


Spooning Fairy Dust


Transferring Crowns
(These were vintage glass decorations that were my grandma’s. Aren’t they fun?)

So this is how I was able to combine some Montessori fun with the convenience of a printable. With printing things out and making them a tray work to be chosen when the child want, you are able to preserve the essence of the Montessori work. There are a lot of other ideas on my Princess Theme School Pintrest Board. So do any of you use printables in your homeschool? Do you use them with Montessori work? I would love to hear how you work with your preschoolers! Happy Schooling!