Rainbow Ice!

Well as promised here is our awesome project for today! The girls LOVED this just like I thought that they would and I think that I can see them asking for it again another day! I found this idea at The Artful Parent and I knew we just had to try it! Last night, I froze water into several different sized containers. This morning I gathered the other materials, salt, liquid water color (You can use food coloring as well. Plus I did add water to my paint), medicine droppers, and trays; then I called the girls upstairs. Let’s just say the girl were excited! 😉 We talked for a minute about how salt melts ice, and about how it lowers the melting temperature of the ice. Neither of the girls were very interested and I cant blame them with all the colors ready to play with! We started off by sprinkling salt on the ice block (that I put on a cookie sheet). We let them sit for a minute before dripping color on them. The colors will fill the cracks and crevice left by the salt as it melts the ice. What you get is a beautiful Tie Dyed like look!

Isnt it beautiful! I thought it was pretty and so did the girls! They loved it so much that they wanted to do it again. So after we flipped the ice over and did both sides, I rinsed it and we did it again! That only works once though. I also would use one ice at a time so when they want to do more, you have a backup! 🙂 Our art is now preserved in these pictures because sadly it doesnt last. However, they are currently sitting outside where it is about 23 degrees, so maybe they will last longer! Happy Schooling!