Reading Grammar Farm!

Well I have been trying really hard to start getting Bunny interested in trying to read again. So far she has been really frustrated and I thought that backing off for a bit would be a good idea! So I did. But the other day, I thought it would be fun to bring out the grammar farm again to use as a reading exercise. In the remedial reading section of the elementary albums I have, they talk about making sure that there is a lot of success. So they start with reading words instead of books. This is not a new idea, in fact it is really how you are supposed to do it. So I thought that Bunny would have alot of fun reading some of the labels! So I got it all together and set it out for her yesterday. She wanted to work with it right away and I was proud that she read about 10-12 labels all on her own. I wasnt  down there with her to help at all! Good progress right? We left it out for her to come back to if she feels like it.

 Another reading progress thing that has happened here is that Bunny found a new book she is in love with! We all love Fancy Nancy here. If you dont her, she is a character in some books written by Jane O’Conner. Nancy loves to be fancy and use really fancy words! These books always have a bunch of great vocabulary lessons built right in! Nancy is also very kind and always does the right thing. Sometimes I find books have the kids talking back to their parents or being kind of mean, but I havent found that in any Fancy Nancy books!

Fancy Nancy
Here is the first Fancy Nancy book! It is a picture book and tons of fun!
Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth
This is her new chapter book and it is about Nancy, but she is a bit older! Also super fun!

So when we found her first chapter book, we had to get it our from the library!We read the whole thing in two days and Bunny has literally carried the book around with her since then! This is a rather big book and it has a lot of big words in it, but Bunny loved it so much that she was willing to read almost a whole paragraph even with the big words! She also copied the title of the book several time working on her handwriting! I was really proud of her and I know that she can read. I am hoping if we practice alot, she will get it. So we are going to talk together about it and find a plan that works for both of us! I was thinking that maybe having a goal would be good for her. She loves to have a goal. So maybe I will buy her the Fancy Nancy book if she starts to read! Either way, we are going to start working on it! She was also talking alot about the math problems she knows, so I guess its time to work on that too! Let the remedial work begin!!!!!! Dont worry, I will keep you all posted on how it goes!  Happy Summer/ Schooling!