Reading, Writing, and Work Time!

When the girls woke up this morning, I asked what they wanted to discover in school today! Well,  what they wanted to discover was words….lots of words! Pup has been try to sounds things out and I thought it was time to start teaching some sandpaper letters! Boy was she excited! She had a rug out, paper and pencil, and was waiting for me first thing! I showed her a few that we tried to learn a few months ago and this time she was ready! I showed her each one, and said it name. She traced it just like I did, said the sound, and then wanted to write them down! She worked so hard and we did it three times, then she asked for a new sound! I offered her two more and she wrote those too! I was really impressed and I think she is hitting her sensitive period of writing!

These are the letters we did today!
While I was working with Pup, Bunny pulled out the grammar farm all on her own and she read a bunch of labels! I was really proud that she chose to read on her own without my asking her to pick something!
After she read for a while, she decided that she wanted to write a book! And she did! She made up a character and wrote full sentences on each page! Instead of asking her to sound words out, I just told her the spelling and it cut down on the frustration for all of us and let her be successful! Since I know that she knows her sounds, I felt like I could just give her the spelling of a word and she would be able to look at it and “hear” the sounds herself! I guess backing off it working for now! Here is the book that she made today! I am over the moon about how hard she worked! 🙂

Isnt it a great book? I am shocked that she was able to write so much on her own! I havent been able to get her to write sentences and I know that this was alot of work for her today! I hope that with all of the help you all offered, I will be able to keep encouraging her and make sure I say things in a way that will help her correct her work and still be ok!
There was alot of other fun work done today too! Pup was rather busy and Bunny made sure she did a little bit of everything!

It was a great day here! I hope you are having a great week too! Happy Schooling!