School Day

Today we were able to get some school work done. Bunny wanted to learn about frog and both girls really got involved in some sensorial work! I think that having it on an open shelf helps! 🙂 I wasn’t able to get alot of pictures today, but there will more tomorrow! Here is what we did today!

Bunny and learned a bit about frogs today using the frog nomenclature book from Montessori Print Shop, and yes its free!!!!!

Afterward Bunny drew a picture and I asked her to write something about frogs. Here is what her “report” says:

I love it! 🙂
Pup also did some of the cylinder blocks, some stamping, some sandpaper numbers (her math problems is what she calls them), and she worked with the zipper dressing frame. Bunny read a book yesterday on her own!!!!! I was so proud of her! The girls also played outside for a long time while I worked on some painting projects I had! It was a really beautiful day! I hope that things are going well for you all. I do want to ask for your prayers for a special intention right now. I don’t think its time to blog about it right now, but I will in the future. This situation is going to need a lot of prayers for everyone involved, so if you if you can we would appreciate everything you can give it. I will be back tomorrow with another “Year of Crafts” post! Think St. Paddy’s Day! 😉 See you then!