School Days

Today I had grand plans to play hookie from school and just get the house cleaned! 🙂 However, the girls had other plans! They begged to do school first! WHAT???? I wasnt sure who these kids were! 😉 So off to school we went! They worked really hard. Pup worked on the tracing project that she has worked on all week. She decided early this week to trace an entire Strawberry Shortcake book. She has been working on it for hours this week and she even wrote a story to go with it! I was really proud of all the hard work she did on this. She told me that she was SO glad that she she finished it today and that she was SO PROUD of herself! 🙂 Bunny was really busy this week! She did a ton of work with fractions, she did some money math, writing, and READING! Bunny has been reading alot more lately. She is still working on doing fluently, but she has taken to trying to read signs, longer books, and things I am writing! I am really proud of her! But I know you want to see some pictures, so here they are!



I didnt take as many picture this week because I was making materials while they worked! They have been working so hard this week despite having half a week of work! I am looking forward to more fun next week!