School Days!

Today we spent the morning working and both girls did a great job! Bunny read a book, did some math work with the stamp game, practiced memorizing her 1 additions problems, and she also made a plan for the garden and started some more seeds! Pup was working on all sorts of things today too! She has really been working so hard on her numbers! It almost an obsession with her right now, so I have been trying to keep up! 🙂 She has also been coloring EVERYTHING! In fact, she will just color in a whole piece of paper! I keep trying to show her how to color in the metal insets, but she has really gotten interested yet! Today was a big day for her though, because she was able to combine these two skills she has been working so hard on to write some of her numbers!!!!! I was shocked, but she did it! WOW! She made a 0, 1, 2 on the chalk board today! Here are some pictures!

Here is a 2, 1, and 0
(they are very light, but she did pretty good for her very first time ever!)

Pup made this all by herself and was pretty proud of it!

She wanted to do some Silence.

Plant or animal sorting

We also played Eye Spy together. This something that she still doesn’t quite get, but today we made some progress! She loves to play even though she doesn’t quite get it! 🙂 We played it three times! I only offer her two object to pick the beginning sound of at a time.

I have also been trying to encourage her to use some of the sensorial materials since she is older. I think that she could benefit from some time with them. So today I showed her how to say big, bigger, biggest as she touched the different cylinder spots. She really loved this! 🙂 Maybe she will repeat this soon!

This is a list of what plants need

Here is what we a planning for all of the garden space this year!

Bunny got a Growums Kits for her birthday. She got a taco garden that grows tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, and lettues. You start it with the little tray it comes in and later plant it outside. We are going to try and see what grows!

So that is what we have been doing today! I hope your week has gone well. I am going to pretty busy over the next few days, but I will try and pop by here to update! Happy Schooling Everyone!!!!
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