School Days

This week has be SUPER busy, but really pretty good for getting things done! Bunny is staying on the weekly plan we made more or less, so I am happy! She is doing her math daily, her history twice a week, and grammar twice a week, and other things, like her robotics kit, sprinkled in between. Pup however, is not doing much and that means I am going to need a plan for her too! But they have been busy and learning happily! Here are some pictures from our week!







DSCN5096 DSCN5097Pup’s Story

DSCN5098Bunny’s Timeline


As you can see we have been working really hard, but I have not been taking as many pictures as I could! I will have to work on that! 🙂 Our work time has defiantly started to take on a more traditional homeschool type flavor. Bunny does her work all over the house, depending on where I am. In fact the other morning, we did all of our work in PJs! I am however, hoping that this week is a little less busy and we can work slowly and in peace! That is our goal at least! So tell me, how is your school year going? Is it busy or slow? Organized or a bit chaotic? I would love to hear more about it! Happy Schooling Everyone!