School Days~ Energy

Well the last couple of days we have had a bunch of fun with friends and cousins, but we have still gotten a bit of work done! I have been so glad that we are working on keeping our school work more consistent! They are doing so very well and I love watching them learn! Here are a few alot pictures of what we have been up to!

Object box work!
I finally put together another one for Bunny to practice her reading!

Pup has been working everyday with these puzzles! She is so proud she can build them!

Daddy was home on this day and she was so happy to show off what she knew!

Bunny worked with trinomial cube! After she finished it, she had Daddy do it too! She took great delight in the fact she could do it faster! 😉

Pup also worked with some of the botany puzzles! These are hard and she did it! Puzzles are just her thing right now! Its amazing how focused she is with them!

Bunny was game to try some blindfolded work! That almost never happens!
More Puzzles

Playing eye spy.
This is something that we are just starting. She really doesnt get it yet, but hey it cant hurt!

Pup has also been able to do the number rods! She even self corrected her mistake!

As you can see she was pretty proud!

I also showed her this week how she can count the segments! She LOVES this and wont let me help her count! She wants to do it herself! The crazy thing is that she count up to seven, then says eighteen, nineteen, ten! 🙂 I guess  I will have to help her count out loud some more!

Bunny wrote another book! She wanted to write a sea book and she did it all on her own! She started by writing the title out on the chalk board so she could correct any spelling mistakes she made before she wrote it all out. I only correct her spelling when she asks, which she does alot. She really wants to be sure that it is all right.

Here is her book. I know that she mixed up her “sh”. I told her, but she told me that you all would still be able to read it! Hahaha! You know you have a blogger child when she talks about what the readers will think! 😉

We also did some more work today from the Waseca Biome Study. We are talking about the sun’s energy. Our work today was two presentations. One was all about the the zones of the earth where the sun energy is stronger or weaker. Our next presentation showed how the sun’s axis allows us to have seasons. We talked about where we were on the globe and showed how the tilt of the earth changes how close we are to the sun. This work is one that you can buy from the Waseca website and it is amazing! But I made ours since I needed it sooner then I could get it . The season trees should have animals and plants that change too, but these were the only clip art I had. It worked for us!

So that is what we have been up to! I hope you are all having a wonderful  and blessed Holy Week! I have been working really hard to figure out what is next in our Montessori Journey. I have been looking into what the elementary material means for us! Don’t worry I will share when I finally get things worked out! Happy Schooling everyone!