School Days

Our week this week was another good one! Pup is always so happy when I tell her that it is a school day and Bunny is moving along with her work really well. She may even not hate school anymore! I think that having the structured excitement of the Botany has helped make this better. She is starting to read pretty well and can get through a level one reader without tears! Hooray! We also had an interested experience in math this week with her. I was having her do some bead frame work with Large Bead frame. This meant that she was adding 5 digit numbers together. She did one problem 3 times and couldnt get it right. I am still not sure what went wrong because she understands how to move the beads and do exchanged and everything. After a half hour of tears, and a note telling me she was mad, angry, and sad I finally suggested that she just try one problem without the beads. What do you know, she got it totally right! She then did four more all of them right! I guess she just didnt need the beads to work the addition. What I am noticing with Bunny is that she abstracts really well. We do a presentation and she may work with the materials once or twice, but she really would rather do it without if she can. I think that I need to trust her ability to know when materials are needed and when they are not. For example, she didnt need the bead frame, but the other day she had the golden beads out for division! Another thing Bunny is doing is researching horses! She labeled her tracings and everything!


Pup is just busting ahead with her letters and tracing. She wants to practice her letters everyday so she can learn to read. We now officially have all the the sandpaper letters out. She knows almost all of them. There are a few that we are still working on, but she is proud. We are also using the moveable alphabet. Right now we are just hearing the sounds of a cvc word and finding the letters. She not quite there yet, but she loves to try! Pup is also still tracing everything she can! I ran out of tracing paper early in the week and she was pretty upset that we didnt go out to the store right away! 🙂 I think we have gone through more  then fifty sheets of the stuff in the past couple of weeks! She has also been working with some sensorial work!


That is our week! We also did a ton of great botany work, but that is another post! I hope you all had a wonderful school week too! Happy Schooling Everyone!