School Week Wrap Up!

The week has been an interesting one. The time change really seemed to mess with all of our heads, so our work time in the beginning of the week was pretty rough. Everything was boring and both girls were rather less then interested in working! But we did get some good stuff done! Bunny (who decided that she hated math) started adding and subtracting fractions and she also was doing more work with the bead frame. She has been making some math problems on the chalk board all on her own and solving them. We also did a review on some of the grammar symbols we learned since we took a break from grammar. She also been working on All About Spelling and writing some letters to me! On a really exciting note, she has chosen a new project that I think will be a longer lasting one. She is going to design her own clothes! We’ll see how it goes! 🙂 Pup did her number rods all by herself, and she is working on her sandpaper letters! She also did a bit more work on her Cheetah project. She made a cheetah out of a pop bottle, painted some cheetahs on the board she made last week, and she traced an African map out of a book (she was really interested in where the water was). Here are the pictures of our learning!





So that was our week! It was really rough at points, but it ended well! Our Montessori work has been good. Pup’s interest in rivers has me thinking of some geography presentations, and maybe some zoology work tool. Her cheetah project seems to be winding down, so it would be a good time to add something new and fun! Bunny is still working away and I think that we are going to keep going with some fraction work and we are going to get back into grammar. Both are things she loves! I hope your week went really well too! Happy Schooling!