"SH" is for sharing~ Stone Soup Party!

Today was our first annual Stone Soup party with our homeschool group HOPE and it was great! Everyone was invited to bring an ingredient for our soup as well as a small gift for Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child collects small items packed into a shoebox to give to impoverished children. Its an awesome ministry and a lot of fun for kids to help get in the spirit of giving!
We started out time together by getting our pot out and reading the stone soup story! We read the version by Marcia Brown and took some time to talk about how working together can have big results! As we read the kids all added their ingredients to the pot! 🙂 It was a lot of fun and the kids had a good time making soup!

 After the moms got the pot on the stove, the kids did a small craft where they tore paper to make a soup pot and then they filled it with paper torn veggies! 🙂 The bigger kids were good enough to wrap the shoe boxes for us! 😉 After that we put the boxes together to get ready to ship! We made a couple of kids boxes and teen girl box. They turned out really well!

We ended our day with amazing soup as well as homemade wheat bread, beer bread, Carmel apples, and pumpkin cookies! It was so yummy! Then the kids played inside, outside, and in the few snow flurries that came our way (the kids were SUPER excited about the snow!).

It was a really great day, and a wonderful way to head us into the holidays! Thanks to all of you who came and helped put this all together! The girls had a great time, even though Bunny didn’t like the soup much! My favorite quote though by Bunny and her friend was their amazement that “they could barely taste the stone!” 🙂 I love that we have a great great group of friends that we can meet with and spend time together!