She can READ!!!!!!!

Well Pup completely surprised me today by showing me she can read a little bit! We were reading a story the other night and she looked at the sign on one of the pictures and read “jail”! I was shocked. She said she knew it from a show. But today I pulled out the sandpaper letters and we were making words together. She was sounding them out pretty easily! So I pulled out some Pink Series word cards. She read the words and then found the picture that went with it. I was shocked! She is really starting to read I think that she is still working on some of the letter sounds, but she wants to figure them out! I can see this moving along fast, so I guess its time to read up and get ready! I am really proud of her!Β Here are some pictures of her working and READING!


Bunny read some stories to Pup this morning before school!


Playing Go Fetch with the letters




She felt that the word mit, should be mitten! She helped me figure out the sounds!






She wrote down all the words we made!


These are the words she wrote!
(These Pink Series Cards were a freebie from Imagine Our Life!)

So that is what is new and exciting here! I am proud of her! She seems pretty proud of herself, but at the same time she seems like it is something that she has always been able to do! I hope that you are having a good week! Happy Schooling Everyone!