Subraction Snake Game!

Well today I started Bunny on her double letter sound presentations. We picked out three to start with and we did a three period lesson. We got through period one, but I think we will need to do it again tomorrow. She couldn’t remember all three of them. Right now I am going to aim for a few sounds a week. We’ll see how it goes! At least its a start! Once she get these sounds, I think everything else will fall into place better. I’ll keep you posted!

We also, finally, figured out the subtraction snake game. Yes I know, its not that hard, but it took me two different Montessori Albums and the better part of a half hour to figure it out alone! lol But I finally got it! I was all excited to show Bunny a new game to play and she was ready to learn. However, when I showed her how the snake got smaller, she was so unhappy! She didn’t want to loose some of the pretty golden beads! 🙂 So now I’m not sure if she will play it for that reason! I’m not sure what to do about that, but at least she got it. We did two snakes and she seemed to get the idea!

Setting up the snake

Counting it out.

See…she is really unhappy about loosing the golden beads! 🙂

But we did it!!!!
So that is what we have been working on today! In addition to this we also have been reading some books about our body systems.Bunny is absorbing so much of that just be reading! I hope you all had a wonderful school week! Stop back soon. I have an AMAZING giveaway coming up!!!!