Summer Reading Program!


Well today kicked off our little summer reading program that we are doing here! I was inspired by seeing the ADROABLE printables from How Does She! This whole set was free for their subscribers. It is just too cute! What we have is a banner with pieces that the girls can write about or draw a picture of their favorite books that we read. I also printed off the bingo cards, and everyday the girls can do one of the reading things to cross off. After they get five in a row, they get a prize ticket. These tickets are simple little surprises! One is go on a picnic together, another is get a pack of stickers, and another is getting ice cream from a new ice cream place! They are kind of like a bucket list! I think that we are going to be able to get about one prize a week! When the whole bingo card is filled up, they the grand prize of going to the book store to pick out a book! (Bunny is over the moon about it)! My hope it to get the girls, especially Bunny, to work on reading! Pup wants to learn, so we may use this to practice together a little bit this summer!



Another thing that we are going to do with this program is have a bit of a weekly theme. Now it is summer, so when I say theme, I mean it in a loose sort of way. 🙂 I will get out some books to read together on the theme and maybe we will do a small project or take a related trip to round it off! Here are some of the themes I think we are going to do:

Cooking: Read some booking with recipes and cook together and make a restaurant.

Books: Read stories about authors and ways to write and write a book

Ocean: Read books about the beach and ocean, and go to the beach!

Art: Read about artists, paint and visit the museum.

Space: Read about space, make a rocket, and maybe watch the stars!

I am sure that we will find more ideas as things go on! I think that this will give the girls some activities and ideas to refresh their play and also make me spend some time doing something with them (this has been something they have complained about me not doing). This is a going to be a fun way to (hopefully) inspire some play, learning, and new skills!  So that is what we are going to be doing! I am linking this up to Montessori Monday!

Do you do summer reading plan? If so how do you do it?