The Earth Goes Around the Sun….

…and it also spins around and around! That is what we are learning here! Bunny and I got to another lesson today about how the day and night are a part of how the earth turns around. This lesson led us to talk about how noon is when we have the sun right over us and how that translates into the hours of the day. I think that she thought it was pretty cool! We also did the other lesson about AM and PM and what that means. Of course we pulled out the clock and talk some more about it too! These lessons are simple and easy to do. I made the charts that we needed and once I get my scanner fixed, I will share them with you!

Pup listened to our lesson for  bit, but she was rather confused and so I sat down with her afterwards! We talked about how the earth goes around the sun. Then I showed her that the earth also goes around and around, once a day! We did this for a bit and she really got it! She even drew a picture!

So there you have it! We are going to do some more work tomorrow too! I cant wait to keep learning together! Be sure to stop back, I hope to show off some fun Christmas/ advent work that I have out in my atrium posted this weekend, plus some other fun ideas! Happy Schooling Everyone!