Water Cycle, Butter, and FIAR!!!

Today we read our book for FIAR again and we talked about the the salt the girl got from the ocean. I didn’t have time {or the sunshine} to evaporate salt water this week, so I decided to talk about evaporation and the water cycle. First we made a cloud and some rain by heating some water in the microwave {I told the girls that it was like water being heated by the sun} then I put the mug of hot water into a large glass bowl and covered it with plastic wrap. Then we watched as the water vapor fogged the top of the plastic and I talked about how that is our cloud. Then we left it alone for a bit to make a water cycle book! One page for Evaporation {sunshine}, one for Condensation {a gray cloud}, one for Precipitation {black cloud with rain drops} and one for Collection {water waves}. All the girls loved it! {Who doesn’t love to make a book}. After our books were done we headed back upstairs to see if we had rain and we did! There were water droplets on top of the plastic and water in the bowl around the mug. We made rain! I then re explained the water cycle and then we moved on. Later on tonight, Bunny was watching the water in the shower and said that it was like the water cycle, the rain fell out of the cloud and then down {I gave her the word waterways and she was excited to show me how it was going down toward the drain}. Then she told me it evaporated back up and it want on and on again and again! I was so proud that she got it! 🙂 I love it when that happens!

Here they are feeling the heat of the water.

Waiting and waiting….

….and we have a cloud!

Here is my example of the water cycle to help the girls make their own.

When we were all done with our books {Bug and Pup carried theirs around all day}
 we went back to our experiment to see the rain!
After the water cycle I thought it would be fun to make butter {like the girl in the book}. So I gave the girls a container with whipping cream and told them to shake it! They seemed to think that shaking required jumping up and down! It was fun to watch, but it didn’t last long enough to make butter! 🙂 So I put it in the mixer for a while. I finally decided that it wasn’t going to be butter, so I added some sugar and put the whisk on the mixer thought it would turn into whipped cream. Well…..in about three seconds on high speed it finally turned into butter! Yeah! However, since I added sugar, it was really sweet butter! 🙂 Oh well. It tasted great on the cornbread that Bug and Pup made!
Here is Bunny working on the butter.

Here are the kiddos making corn bread.

I was more excited about the butter then the girls, but it was great to eat!

So that is what we did today for our row! Tomorrow its art class and time at our Atrium! Happy Schooling everyone!