Work and Research!

Well if this wasnt a Montessori blog, this title would really sound like a boring, dry post! 🙂 However, it is anything but! Both the girls have been doing alot of work and I am really excited about the research that Bunny has been getting into too! She has really asked to learn about mammals. So she has been picking out an animal that interest her and finding out about it with our Animal book. However, that excitement is tempered by my inability to find a way for us to research methodically. I really do question how to make this work since she cant read very well, so it turns out that I am doing alot of reading to her when she finds something that grabs her interest. I have tried to streamline things a bit by using the Research Outlines from Montessori Print shop! They are free and offers some ideas of information to find. I really liked them and so did she. I also bought the Plant and Animal Research Guild from Montessori for Everyone. These are nice because they ask specific questions that she needs to answer. Right now they require her to write out too much information, but I really think that they will really be awesome as she grows in her writing ability. She still gets frustrated writing out whole sentences, but we are getting there. If anyone has ideas, I would love to hear them! Here are the things she has been hard at work on.


Here was some of her research on rocks. Bunny found out where the rock was from, and she found out what it was called. I let her keep the rocks she found out the info.

Panda Research page

Zebra Research Page.

We learned about the ruler and how to measure to the nearest inch. She thought it was pretty cool and she did a great job at it too!

Bunny was finding out what fractions made a whole. She recorded her work and did a great job with it. I love that she can explore this so sensorially.

While Bunny was working away, so was Pup! She has been “discovering things” and loving “doing her math” with  me! 🙂 She has been really busy and I think that she is learning alot! Here is what she has been up to!

“Doing her Math Problems”!

We have been doing some work with the Geometric Solids!

She said that the cone was like a party hat! 🙂 How cute is that?

She did all the pieces, even the tiny one! Hooray!

She had the idea to make a tube and was proud when it worked out!
So there you have it! Lots of work is happening here and everyone seems rather happy about it! I am trying something new and kinda experimental here too. I noticed that the girls have not been playing with very many toys lately. So I took alot of the toys and put them away. I replaced them with some out “Montessori” toys and puzzles. I also left some of the kitchen toys, doll stuff, blocks and things like that! I will see how this goes. I did this on Monday when we had out Great Lesson for the little kids and it worked really well! Pup loved the idea, so I think that this may work! We’ll see! I hope your work week is going well and there is lots of learning at you house too! Happy Schooling!