Work Days!

Work this week has been a little less then what I wanted it to be and that makes us all stressed. However, we still have managed to have a good week with lots of good learning! Who knew! It is such a blessing to blog and take a bunch of pictures so I can look back and see that we did do stuff this week! Somethings though that I have learned this week are that 1. things are good and we are learning, 2. I need to be more playful with our work, to be inspiring, and 3. I need to get my self prepared better, when I am ready things are better, 4. cooking lunch is a great way to get time in the kitchen together! So I am going to get a plan, get playful, and have some fun! Bunny is expressing a lot of interest in writing. So I plan to redo the lesson of writing and starting exploring that. She is really excited about fining out who wrote the first letter and where stamps come from. I am also trying really hard to get in contact with the post office so we can go get a tour! I think that this will go well with some Valentines fun as we talk about where the tradition of sending letter to loved ones!
We re also going to keep working on our numbers, writing books, and fractions! Here is a little bit of the work I didnt show this week!

Pink Pancake Lunch!

Bunny has been writing ALOT! She is doing really well and with me helping her with some spellings, she is happy to try knowing I can help fix it if its wrong! This is a book she was working on for two weeks! I love it!

Division Stamp game! She is doing well with this. She even did one in her head and she was so proud and excited! 🙂

Pup has been working with puzzles non stop here. I pulled out all four cylinder blocks and she had a good time with that! Maybe she will do it again!

She has also loved playing with the chalk board and learning to write her letters. Today I wrote them and she traced them with her finger to erase it!

Bunny made pizza bread today. She said it was a fail since it wasnt too good tasting. I told her that it really isnt a fail since it turned out. She just doenst like that recipe! Next time it will be better!

Bunny has been reading a little more. We have moved up to some Dr. Seuss. A couple of pages a day! Pup thinks that any story is for her! I love this picture of them reading together!

Bunny worked with the bells and it reminded me that I need to get a few more presentations out for them!

It also got warm this week for a couple pf days, so Bunny got to try out her new bike! Pup used hers too. I realized that my baby is ready for a big bike!

Pup has defiantly mastered the binomial cube! She loves it! I think that I may need to show her how to build outside the box net week!

See? Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles!
So that was our week! I hope that your week went well too! I am going to head off to make some tray tomorrow for Monday! I also am going to a plan written up! It will be a busy weekend! Happy Schooling Everyone!