Work time!

Today all the kids were here today and we had some great work time! All of the kids tried some new things and they had some fun too! There wasn’t too much that was out of the ordinary, so I will just show you the pictures that I took! 🙂

Bug got right to work with the water transfer and she worked really hard filling each cup to the top. Then she figured out all on her own that she needed to take the water out of the cups and put it back in the blue bowl! She was so very proud of herself! I love it when they master something that requires them to concentrate!

Pup stuck packing peanuts together.

Bunny worked with a bunch of the seasonal trays today. They are super easy for her, but it really helps her get ready for harder work!

Tadpole was everywhere today! He tried a bunch of things!

Bunny read another whole reader today! I am so proud of her! She also realized that she can read some of the Dr. Seuss books too! I am SO happy!

Matching snowflakes
(Bug yelled “I found the match!” each time she got it right!)

There was a lot of drawing that happened today too!

Pup built the Pink Tower stair today too! She did it twice!

I tried ti encourage her to try the red rods and she did! Bug had to help her out and they did a great job!

Tadpole tried a cylinder block today, and for the first time ever he put them all back in the right way, and he was SO proud of himself!!!!! He knew he did it!

This is his victory dance! 🙂

Bunny did her three math problem today, two dynamic subtraction, and one static multiplication!

That about wraps up what we did today! It was a simple day and we got some good work done! I hope you all got some good school work done too! Happy schooling!