Work Time and Winter Watercolor!

Well today was a day of work time! I really wanted the girls to get in one more good work time this week! So we headed downstairs. All in all it was a really good day, but there were some moments where I may or may not have screamed like a crazy woman (hey Bug and Pup left the bathroom door open again and Tadpole stuffed my hand towel in the toilet which, of course, hadn’t been flushed)! I am very happy though that the girls got some good work done today! In fact Bug really got into a great place of concentration for a bit. Tadpole also had some more moments of work. He is getting older and its interesting to watch him change into a big boy! He will be two soon and I can see the change from little baby to older toddler! Bunny worked on some new letter sounds, and Pup tried some sound cylinders today that she hasn’t tried in a while. We also did a water color project today that I saw on Amongst Lovely Things. The kids loved it and even Tadpole did one! Here are some pictures I was able to get!

Bunny got an early Birthday gift yesterday evening of a Lego set and she had to build it this morning! She did almost all of it on her own (there was a point where she needed to move a piece over, and I helped her with that and with sticking the decals on)! I was amazed at her focus and concentration. She did a great job! I see more Lego’s in our future!

All Built!

Today Bug discovered the glue stick! She wanted to just smear it on. Then I told her that it was for sticking things down and I gave her some paper to make things to stick in the glue! Well she went to work sticking piece after piece down on the same paper! She was so happy with it! I think it was defiantly a learning moment and it was all about the process, not the product!

Pup keeps trying this work, but it is really hard for her. I keep thinking I should take it away since most of the water ends up on the table and the tray, but she works so hard.

Tadpole again tried a few trays. He really feels big when he is working! 🙂
He put it away too when I asked him to!

He also wanted to do the pouring work. The pitcher was way too big. So I gave him a tiny pitcher and a tiny cup only half full of water to try! And try he did! I have to just let him go, but he gets water all over! However he did stick with it! When he ran out of water, he tried to go upstairs to get himself more. I love that he wanted to be independent, but him alone in the bathroom never ends well (read above incident)! So I got it for him! 😉

He is thinking so hard!

Victory Dance! 🙂

Her shook some sound cylinder too! Right now he just thinks its great that they make noise. He isn’t at a point where matching them is something he can do.

Bunny showed Pup how to do the Binomial Cube. She didn’t try it again, but Pup keeps trying to do it.

When Pup abandoned the cube, Bug took over! She is really been trying this alot! Bunny obviously is doing the trinomial cube! She built it outside the box today!

This is Pup’s “math”. She loves to try it. Again, she just isn’t there yet, but I sat with her and asked her to get the “next biggest one” and she was able to do it.

Then she very carefully put them all away!

She also did the sound cylinders

Pup worked on matching her colors.

Here is the letter we worked on!

We wrote words with each sound.

And now for the project! It was really simple. All we needed  to was use some painters tape to make a tree shape, and then use water color all around it! Easy Peasy!

After they dried we just peeled the tape off to reveal the tree! I talked about cool colors and how they make us feel cold. I showed them the warm and cool colors. Since we were making winter trees I encouraged the kids to use the cool colors! They used some of those and some of the other colors as well! Here is what their masterpieces turned out like!

Here is Bunny’s

Here is Pup’s

This one is Bug’s

And this one is Tadpoles!
So it was a good day and I am hoping that tomorrow is a good one too! I will probably not be posting for the next couple days as the Birthday fun will be kicking into high gear! Dont worry, there will be plenty of pictures! I hope you have a great end of the week!