Work time!!!!

Today was a good day here! We got in some good work time (under a bit of protest, but that’s what I get for taking so long off) and we got outside in the warm weather! I am so happy that the sun is shining and that it is almost 70 degrees here! We didn’t even need jackets!!!! I love Spring! Anyway, today Bunny did some golden bead work. She did multipication and addition. I was proud that she figured it out on her own. I think that we have gotten into a bad habit of having me walk her through everything each time she does it. This means that she doesn’t try to figure it out before she asks. So today I made her do it on her own and she did it! We also read a few words, and did some copy work. However, with all this time to observe her, I realize that we are seriously lacking some focus. She tends to stop what she is doing and watch what else is going on around her. I hope that some more dedicated work time will help that.

Bunny started off by drawing this awesome picture!

Golden Bead!

Playing secret messages. I gave her a work, she reads it, and then she finds the picture!

We were both proud that she finished it! We did it again, and she had almost memorized which word were which. I find that she easily remembers spelling and things she learns. I think that this is a very good trait. However, as she is learning to read I find that she see a word she know, and looks at the picture, then guesses the rest. This don’t allow her to read thing correctly and is frustrating for both of us. 🙂 So I think if we keep working slowly I think that will help her work toward totally reading!

She also copied this poster from the printable pack I used! She did a good job!
Pup was busy too. At first she didn’t want to do anything downstairs. I dont know why, but she just wanted to play. So I worked really hard at getting her involved. She spent a lot of time with some of our themed practical life trays, and she also play memory match again with me. After that we spend alot of time using the Metal Insets to make Princess pictures! She really likes to draw with them and lately she has started making things in her drawings! Things are getting recognizable shapes and eyes! So this was right up her ally! We had a lot of fun together! Here are some pictures of her working!
Princess stamps from her birthday!

Polishing the mirror!




Here is the princess that I used to show Pup what to do.
(Circle and Triangle)

Here is Pup’s Princess
(You can see the purple eyes in the middle of the head!)

We also made a castle
(square with a rectangle on each side)

Here is Pup’s. She drew the door and everything! She told me that I had small windows, but she made big ones! 🙂 She is getting so good at drawing!
So that is what we have been up to! I think that we are going to do better as we slide into a new rhythm. I hope it happens soon! Until then, I will keep trying! I think it may take us a few more days! I hope you all are having a great week!