Working Along

Well in spite of all the little issue we have had in our school room, there have been some truly great moments for the girls in their work this week. Bunny wrote a little bit about the bread she made and she did her very best handwriting! She also complete some multiplication families. Pup FINALLY got her numbers and she was so proud! She knew all of them as I laid them out on the rug out of order and then she put them back into the box in numerical order! She also built a ton of puzzles! So even though we have had some rough days this week,  it is good for me to remember the moments that were totally perfect!

Pup is also working on the Binomial Cube! She is so proud that she can build it!

This is a new balancing game. Pup LOVED it! She must have done it 20 times! It is a great work!
Here is Bunny Writing. She has been doing really well with her writing!


Bunny had a lot of fun mixing the binomial and trinomial and then building them both!
Bunny has really been working on reading! She has been reading some Dr. Seuss. I has been really hard, but she is working really hard!

 Bunny has been sitting and doing her math facts. I suggested that she write it down, but she told me she didnt need to since she was memorizing them! 🙂
We also managed to talk about the polar regions of the earth and how the sun doesnt rise at least one day of the year and doesnt set at least one day of the year. We also read some books together about the seasons of the year! It was a good week, if a little different! It was a good reminder to me that learning is more then just school work! It is really about living! I hope you all had a wonderful school week as well!
We are now into deep birthday preparations here! Bunny turns 7 on Sunday and she is having family over to celebrate that day! Saturday she is having a few friends over to play! So we are going to be busy! This year, Bunny has had a hand in making some decorations too! Here is how things are looking!

 Can you guess the theme?
 Be sure to stop by this weekend and see how things go! Happy Schooling!