Working Away

Yes, here again is another school day post! I hope that you all enjoy reading them! I know it is alot, but this is my way of recording what each girl has done and where they are at! Today was fun! Bunny wanted to do fraction work, so I gave her the next presentation! We talked about denominators and numerators. She really got it and loved the presentation.


 Pup wanted to work on sandpaper letters, so I introduced a couple more letters. After we did that, I pulled out the farm animals and played eye spy. I have tried this with her a few times before, but she really didnt get it. Today she did! She was able to pick out most of the beginning sounds between two objects. She loved it and we are going to keep playing this with her! Later on, she was playing with her zebra and she was sounding the sound out. She told me that the sound was “zzzz”! I was shocked! She was very excited about her discovery and I asked if she wanted to see the letter that made that sound. She told me yes, so I went and got the “z”. She traced it and said it over and over. Then she asked if she could have the letter in her room! 🙂 Awwww…what a Montessori child!

So that was our excitement today! We did a few other things too. Bunny made a book about baby mammals, we talked about where conifer trees grow in forests and about the northern and southern hemisphere, and she also read a book! I hope that you all had a great school week! Happy Schooling!