Working hard and Having Fun!

Today we got back into the school room and I made sure that I had more grammar work for Bunny to try! She is head over heels in love with the grammar symbols and I cant seem to get the presentation fast enough! So today, after our noun presentation last week, we were ready for the article! If I would let her (and be ahead enough myself) she would have me tell her about all of them at once! We talked about it for a bit and I think that later this week I will try and introduce the adjective! 🙂

The first work she chose to do today was to draw all the grammar symbols. She also drew lines in the the directions that they rocked. She loves them!

Here is her notebook page with the articles and nouns labeled!

While I was working with Bunny, Pup got into the continent boxes and found the zebras in Africa. She was very excited and found them all. I sat with her for a bit after that and showed her how the pictures on the from were the same as the puzzle pieces. I also pulled down the globe and I asked if she knew where the land and water were on the globe. She pointed out the color parts as land, I told her they were called continents. Then I asked her what the blue was and she told me the oceans! 🙂 Funny girl! I had no idea that she knew that! So I showed her how she could trace the puzzle piece, and I had some stickers with some African animals. So we looked through the animal pictures in the box and she picked out the right animal stickers to stick on her continent! She loved this! In fact she loved it so much she did South America next! 🙂


Today I also introduced Bunny to the small bead frame work. I tried this a while ago, but I had tried to make my own bead frame and it really didnt work out too well! So I bought the Large Bead Frame, and I am showing her how to use it as the small bead frame too! 🙂 She really loved it, and she did 5 addition problems all on her own! We also talked about exchanges and she did it without a thought once I showed her! It has been a while since she has done any larger addition problems that required exchanges, so I was happy she retained it!

She also read a book! I was proud that she read the whole thing! It is really challenging for her to read and I was glad that she was trying so hard!
Later this afternoon, Bunny got out her rock and started looking at them. We talked about crystals and how they are minerals that had time to grow into crystals in the rock. She has really been interested in rocks and I am trying to help her stream line her research idea. She said she wants to know everything, but that could take a lifetime. So I was trying to help her see what she really wants to learn about. This is where the research following the first great lesson has gone! I think will offer her the chance to make a model of the earth and see if she is interested in that! It will allow us to see where the rocks are formed! Does anyone know of any good Montessori rock cards or nomenclature?

So that is what we were up to today! It was alot of work but not a ton of time! Both girls have had a great time and that is what matters! When school is fun, everyone is happy! I hope you are having a great week so far! Happy Schooling!