Fraction Action and Oceans of Fun!

Well last night Bunny asked me something about fractions and I offered to pull out my fraction circles if she wanted me to. Well she was SUPER excited about this and begged me to pull them out and leave them on the table for her! So after she went to bed, I pulled them out a brushed up on my fraction presentation! By morning she was downstairs and ready have a presentation before we even got dressed! I was happy that after my initial presentation of the names, she worked with the circles for about a half hour! First she built them all, then she stacked them all up. I guess we are going to be doing a little work this summer after all! 😉

Later on this afternoon I let the girls play with their ocean animals in some water! We had a wonderful time filling the bottom of the buckets with sand and adding blue water and ocean animals! They had a blast! Bunny had the Ocean Toob that she bought with her own money! I bought the Coral Reef Toob for the kids since we had no fish for our continent boxes! These are what we used for our fun! After the sand fun, I filled up the kiddo pool and the kids played ocean there too! Learning with play is awesome!

So our day was fun filled and simple, yet it was a great learning day! Summer has been great! I hope your summer is going great too! Happy Learning with Play!