Learning through Activity!

Today was one of those days if you know what I mean! I started out the day with grand plans for doing lots of school work and about half way through the morning I was about to give up on all of it! It is Thanksgiving week and we really only have a couple of days to do school work so I figured that if we didnt do anything, it would be ok. So I let then go off to playing in their own little world. And what a world it was. I heard a restaurant that served people and politely asked for orders! I heard about little babies that needed care and pets that needed fed too!

 As they played, their interest slowly switched. Bunny pulled out her sewing machine and made a small pillow (with a tiny bit of help) and Pup found some stickers she wanted to make into a book. So they did!

Next thing I knew they WANTED to do school and dragged me downstairs! They went to work and did a great job! Pup tried the sewing work I put out. She was super frustrated because she couldnt get it, but after showing her a few time she got it! And when she did, the smile on her face and the swinging feet we a sure sign of her pride! 🙂 Bunny wrote a book about Ballet and said she was working really hard on the coloring since that was the hardest part (except the writing of course). She also went on to work with the snake game and she read a book with more then one sentence to a page! Wow! Who knew!

This led me to think a bit today about what was different. I let them go. They were really self motivated today. I didnt say “lets do school”, they chose to do it! Now, it is not practical to do that everyday! If it were up to them, they would only do things hit and miss. So what else was different? Practical Life! Bunny sewed, Pup sewed! They were working with their hands and maybe it helped to focus them. This has me thinking about what Maria Montessori said:

“We found individual activity is the one factor that stimulates and produces development”

“Growth comes from activity, not from intellectual understanding”

They created, worked, and in turn were ready and excited to learn intellectually! So I am thinking that maybe we need practical life to start off our work day. I dont know about you, but I have a tendency to ask Bunny to do her “hard” work before she does the “fun or easy” work. I am thinking that this is something that I need to change! Maybe something easier is a good way to ease into harder work. I am sure that there is alot of research and expert knowledge all about this, but there is something about observing for yourself that makes it so much more real! Work….real work! Has anyone else found this out in their homes or classroom? Do you want to see more Montessori fun? Be sure to visit Montessori Monday! I am linking up over there! Happy Schooling!