Montessori Bedroom for Bunny!

As promised, I have pictures of Bunny’s bedroom for you! This room is hers in every little place! She really loves to be there and everything decorating it is something special to her. She loves nic nacks and there are a lot of them! Another area that we added, was a desk area for her to use for her projects! She is a very crafty person and for a long time I dont know that I really realized how important the opportunity was for her create things with her hands. So with the desk came a craft box full of crafty things that she can use at her leisure for whatever she wants to create! I also have put her sewing machine in there too so that she can pull it out to practice when she wants! This freedom to create was given with some very strong guidelines however. She is to keep her craft box and desk clean after working. If she cannot keep things clean, she will loose her craft box. She has not only kept things put away, she also kept things really organized!!!! It has been really great not only for her confidence, but also for her behavior! She has been calmer, more peaceful, and happier! It appears that I met a need deep within her that I didnt even know she needed! Everything that Maria Montessori says about meeting the inner need of a child was true with this. When she had what she needed so much of the mean words, the screaming, and grumpiness, disappeared! I was shocked and so happy! It has truly become a special place for her that she uses daily! But enough chit chat! I think you all want to see the world!

Here is her bed area. At the foot of the bed is the quilt that we made together after her birthday. I made she some matching pillow for the bed as well! The horse at the end of her bed was mine when I was little! She loved it, so it made its way to her bed!

This pillow I made after being inspired by PB Teen ! It was so pretty and I loved the message! So I made it using my digital scrapbook program and printed it on printable fabric! You can download this file at the end of the post!

Above her bed are the shelves that hold the pretty things she loves!

I added this frame with some words I want her to remember! I made this printable too and you can get it at the bottom of this post!

Next to her bed is her book shelf with all her favorite books! On top of it is some of her willow tree figures and the elephant she made in a pottery class!

Here is her dresser. All of her clothes and hair things are here!

This printable I made since it went so well with the creative theme of her room! I love it! If you want this printable it is at the bottom of the post too!

Here are the jars where she sorts out the money she earns. I want her to learn early on to give some money, save some money, and of course spend some! 🙂 This give her a visual for working on that!

Here is her desk where all her creative magic happens!!!!

Pencils, her eraser collection, and some buttons to add color!

Next to her desk is her closet. Inside is many things she loves and lots of things that need to be stored. There is also a black basket with materials scraps for sewing, and her craft box!

Material Basket and Craft Box

Inside her craft box is:
~ Paper (Colored and plain)
~ Ribbon
~ Beads
~Craft Sticks
~ Googly eyes
~ Bells
~ Rhinestones
~ Tape
~ Paint Markers
~ Letter Stamps and stamp pad
~ Scissors
~ Fancy Scissors
~ Glue (craft and sticks)
~ Envelopes

So that is her room! Like I said she LOVES LOVES LOVES it! I love that she has the freedom to create and learn at the same time! She also has the responsibility to keep it all clean! It is her place and I think that it is just what she needs! As a Montessori child she loves her freedom and as a creative child she loves her art supplies! It think I have managed to pull that together for her! Let me know what you think! I love to hear your thoughts!!!! Happy Montessori-ing!
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If you want any of the printables I made, here are the link! Please be respectful and share the link with others not the file! Let me know how you used them! I love hearing about your projects! Enjoy!