Not your normal work day!

Today was rather fragmented, but it was good. We were able to do alot of work, just not normal work! Bunny did a few golden bead problems, but only after I promised to let her work on some math problems using her cash register (calculator)! I must have the only girl that will do math with the promise of more math! Then, she was done! So I got creative and played some math games with her. I have never talked to her about greater or less then, so I introduced her to the alligator that eats large numbers. She was able to do it perfectly with no problem! She really had no problem! So we moved on to language! I pulled out the old stand by Boggle game. I found the words in the block and Bunny read them and wrote them down. Not quite the regular rules, but it worked! 🙂 Then later that afternoon, I showed her some new Knobless Cylinder extensions! I have been trying to get her into working with some more with sensorial things. She just never picks that stuff, so I wanted to help her! She had alot of fun, and Bug even jumped in! It was great! Here are a few of the pictures of our work today.

Tadpole is really trying to work with trays! I am so happy that he is trying work with trays! Now if only I could figure out how to get him to not mix, dump, and eat the work! 😉

I presented Bug with the Binomial Cube!
 She really like it and even got it put into the box properly after a couple of tries!

Pup worked with the puzzle map
(Bug helped her put it away!)

She also wanted to look through her global kids book! 🙂

Adding on the cash register!

Here we are playing Boggle.

Here she is doing greater then or less then.

We also played this GREAT matching game that we won from Apple N Amos. They have AMAZING stuff. You really should check out their shop! Its a children’s Christmas dream!

Here is Bunny trying working on the Knobless Cylinder extensions that I learned about from Colleen at Sunrise Learning Lab.

Here Bunny made a wall!

Here is the rainbow

Here is Bunny making sure that all the blue cylinders are there. She didn’t think that we had all of them so she helped Bug make sure! I love it when they work together!

So this was our day! Like I said it was fragmented, but good! I loved that thinking outside the box allowed us to keep learning even when no one felt much like it! Hooray for homeschooling! Let me know what you think of or work day ! I love hearing from you all! Happy Schooling!