Simon Says~ The Weather Version!!!!

Well as promised here is my post all about my new way of teaching about weather! I have made the focus on this week’s theme more about the nomenclature of the different types of weather. So I was trying to find a fun way to help the kid remember the names of different storms and weather. I thought that a game would be fun, so I made Simon Says~ The Weather Version! 🙂 Same rules as regular Simon Says, just we are going to be acting out weather. The actions I had were:

(fingers wiggling)
(fingers straight out and plopping down)
(arms in an oval above her head)
(fanning face)
(arms around body shivering)
(blowing really hard)
(clapping legs)
(karate chopping air)
(arms by sides and spinning around in a small circle)
(Arms wide out and spinning in big circles)
(arms in an arch above your head)
I, of course was Simon, and I played a few rounds with the different weather terms to help the get the idea. Then I took it up a notch and we did the different actions in the order that they would start in a storm! For example a hurricane it starts as really big wind out on the ocean, then it get bigger and starts blowing and spinning and raining (I had the kids blow, then spin slowly and get bigger by slowly putting their arms wide doing their rain fingers at the same time). For a thunderstorm we did rain fingers, and then thunder claps and lightening strikes and of course added in wind (it is a favorite). We further broke down the thunder by being clouds that are bumping together then doing the thunder claps! 🙂 For a tornado we made hot and then cold wind, then we started spinning and blowing!!! 🙂 It was a ton of fun and I think it is a fun, fast moving way to talk about different types of weather. The kids all loved playing it! Bug and Pup especially! So if you have any other ideas that I could use I would love to hear them! I kinda ran out of ideas faster then they ran out of energy! 🙂 Thanks for popping by!