Taking Time Tuesday~ A Year of Crafts~ Bubbles

Well today I am resurrecting the Taking Time Tuesday posts and I turned them into a linky party! This is the very first linky party I am hosting! I really hope that some of you link up here with me because it will be alot of fun! The party is a collection of all the fun we took time to have this week with our kids! I have noticed that I always forget to make sure I have time to be with my kids and have fun! Do you? Well in this linky party I want us all to remember the good time we had when we took time to be with out kids!

For my first Taking Time Tuesday day, we had another fun Year of Crafts day! Our theme was bubbles! Who doesnt love bubbles? I had great plans for all kinds of fun bubbly things, but the rains sort of put a stop to some of it! But the kids laughed and got messy and had fun anyway! Since that was the point, it was a smashing success! We started off with the ever so fun bubble prints and then I had all manner of bubble wands for the kids to play with, and of course there was unlimited bubble solution! We set everything up outside (for obvious reasons) and got right to work!

Lunch was a bit trickier since it is rather hard to find bubbly food! So I found some clear plastic Christmas ornaments in my stash that were perfect to put all their favorite food in! It was perfect! They loved it and it was easy! 🙂 For dessert there were mini cream puffs! Talk about yummy!

How is that for a great day? The kids had a blast, I had a good time, and most of all there were memories made! 🙂 Now its your turn! Link your fun below and let us know what you did that was special for your family this week! Happy Summer!
I also linked up with Its Playtime!