Working away….

Work is continuing on here! Today I showed her the first presentation of the geometric strips. She has been begging to learn them, so I let her go for them. We talked about what a polygon is and how a triangle, and quadrilateral are also polygons. We also learned that a polygon needs to be closed in order to be a polygon! She loved it!

While Bunny worked, Pup explored the new trays I made before school started. I made a tray where she scoops a bit of Baking Soda into the tray and they uses the dropper (which has vinegar in it) to create little explosions! She LOVED it and concentrated on it for a long time!

Bunny also did some more bead frame work, and Pup and I learned some more sandpaper numbers. She loves to “do her math” and she know all the numbers up to 6. 7,8,9 are a little confusing still! Plus both girls got to explore the continent boxes. Pup loves them!


Later, Pup and I did some geometric solids. I showed them to her three at a time and she liked it! I asked her what they looked like to her! She told me that the ellipsoid looked like an egg, and the sphere looked like a ball, and the triangular prism looked just like a tent!

Finally, Bunny and I worked on some more rock work as a follow up to the first great lesson. We read a story about how a rock is formed in the earth and how it goes through a couple of different layers and millions of year until we find it! Then we made a model of the layers of the earth using playdough! She LOVED it (once I promised to buy more playdough since we used most of our stock) and it turned out really cool! Plus she was talking about the lave and how it comes out of the crust later on, so I guess it left an impression! 🙂

So once again it has been a great day! I love that our work time so far has been smooth and easy! I have really tried so hard to let the kids go on their learning path. It is hard to let go, but they really are learning alot and I need to keep holding back with my “wisdom”! 🙂 They are going to discover things if I give them the space and let them find thing out instead of just telling them! I hope your new year is going well too! Happy Schooling Everyone!