Lent is here!

Well today is the very first day of Lent! Now while this is not a subject that offers much excitement, it is important here! This is the first year that I have actually figured out what to do earlier then March. I think that it is simple, yet an effective way to help the girls think about Jesus and connect with him! I broke out my clothes pin wreath from last year and cut out some white hearts. Each morning the girls and I will write down one thing we can do for Jesus that day. Then we will clip it to the wreath. This frees us from doing just one thing all of Lent. It seems like I just cant stick to something that long. It also allows us to really do a bunch of things.

Another thing we are doing this Lent is playing the silence each morning. When we play the silence game, we use it as a a part of our prayer time. It is such a beautiful thing to be quite with God and I really want the girls to find it a beautiful thing too. Plus I think that having that silence will allow the girls to calm down and be together better too. It seems like such a good thing for all of us!

In addition to all of that, I have a few trays that I made up for Lent! You know me, if there is a theme or a holiday, I will find a tray! 😉 Here are the things we have in our classroom!

Polishing cross

Silence Tray
(this is set up so that if the girls want to do silence, they can on their own)

Pulling thorns out
So that is our plan for this Lenten season. I have been doing a ton of thinking and I think that I need to give up some computer time in order to be a better wife and Mommy here. I want to have a better relationship with my family and I think that I may have a little addiction to  the computer that is preventing this. This needs to be addressed before it really does permanent damage. I wrote all about my thoughts on this here.
So if you dont hear from me here and there, please forgive me! Just know that I am really trying to be the best that I can! Happy Schooling!