Montessori Monday-ish! :)

Well its not Monday, but today the girls engaged into some Montessori work that they didnt even know they were doing! 🙂 Bunny wanted to play in water with some measuring cups and then she wanted to use some food coloring to play with colors! Pup played for a long time with playdough. She was really concentrated and even figured out how to roll small snakes! She promptly dropped it though hen she saw Bunny washing the dishes she played with! So then they both washed, rinsed, and dried the dishes! 🙂 They finished the work time with more playdough (really they would have kept going but it was way past lunch time). I love it when they work for quite a while! Here are the pictures from their work!

We were playing with the animals in the dough.

Here are Pup’s rolls! I was really shocked that she got it this!

Here is Bunny measuring

She also was whisking. She got all of this out herself and did it without me!

I did get her the food coloring, but she loved squirting it herself.

She really wanted to wash all the stuff she used! I was all for that!

Pup REALLY wanted to help!

Here is Bunny’s playdough!

Pup wanted me to get a picture of her! Isnt she cute?
What have you been up to this summer?
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