Biomes and Bread!!!!

Today we had another work day and did another wonderful Waseca Presentation! This is one of the works that the they sell on their site, but I made mine using some nesting boxes that I had on hand. There is a story that goes along with the presentation that help the child see all the elements in a the universe and how they relate. It is simple and concise, and really cool! Bunny loved it, but is was too old for Pup. She worked on other stuff while I shared this with Bunny.

It starts with the Galaxy and we move into the solar system and then to our earth.

Next we talk about the biomes, and the ecosystem, and the plants and animals that live in an ecosystem.

We then talked about how the tissues and organs of the plant of animals is what allows them to adapt. We then saw that these tissues are made up of cells which are made up of an atom!!!
Whew! It was really cool to see how it all goes from really big to really small.
We also did some regular work too! Bunny made some parts of a biome cards, and she also labeled some of our Botany puzzles. I really encouraged her to read some of the labels I knew she could get! She also worked a bit with the stamp game. Pup worked really really hard on building some small Melissa and Doug jigsaw puzzles. This is a work that she has never been able to do before, but today she built all four of them and started them over again! She got it and was so proud of herself!!!! Here are a few pictures of our work day!
Biome Cards

Pup colored some pictures of the stations of the cross.


Reading the labels. She could do all of the ones for the parts of a tree.

See how proud they are?

Stamp Game Review.


Here is the problem she did. I realized halfway through that the number was going to be higher then 9000! This was a bit confusing, but we talked a bit about it and she seemed to understand it!
Another thing that we did today was make bread from scratch! The girls and I mixed the dough and I kneaded it. We let it rise forever, but I dont think that my yeast was good. 🙁 So they were a little flat and hard when they cooked. I did make a second batch and it looked so much better! 🙂

Ready to rise.

Here it is risen. See…not too good.

This is the second batch. It was really good!
I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Happy Schooling everyone!!!!