Bunny Writes a Book!

Today we did a good work session and during this work time, Bunny wrote a story about our Tool Fairy! I love that my story has inspired some really good work that is just so Montessori! She had the materials on hand and really worked hard on something that meant a lot to her! It was also a really great language work and she put alot of concentration into it! I was really proud of all the thought she put, not only into the pictures, but the story too! I had to stop her while she narrated so I could keep up with her! Here is her story!

Meeting all the Animals!

The Tool Fairy walked through the forest.

He met Mrs. Turtle and asked her what he name was.
“Mrs. Turtle”, she said.
He asked her what she was doing . She said that her house fell down.
“Don’t you carry your house on your back?” asked Tool Fairy
“Oh yes, yes,” said Mrs. Turtle, “but I like to have a place to stretch out and rock my babies and sleep out of the rain safe.”

“I can fix that,” he said.
So he got to work pounding and he built it.
“Oh thank you very much,” said Mrs, Turtle “It looks really good! I have to go now.”

Then he walked over the mountains and through the bushes and trees. And he left.

And then when he was walking he saw a crab and crab said
“My name is Crab. I know that my house inst broken, but I would like a bigger one.”
“Oh ok,” said the Tool Fairy. He got out his shovel and rake and built a bigger castle!

Crab said, “Thank you Thank you very much!”
“You’re welcome,” said Tool Fairy, “Now I must be going now!”

Then he met a horse.
He said”My Barn fell down. Can you build me a new one?”
“Yes I will,” said Tool Fairy
He worked so fast his hands went clickity clackity and you couldn’t see them! 

“Thank you very much,” said Horse!
“You’re welcome. I must go. Good Bye!” he said.

So then he went through three bushes,

and three trees and over mountains. He went and went and went with his tool box in his hand.

Finally he got home!
The End

This is a hammer that Bunny said went in the book. She traced the tools on the tracing tray and then cut it out!

Here is my little author hard at work!

She was so proud and so was I!
On our school table I have a basket of pre made books that the girls can write stories in. The idea for this came from the book Playful Learning. She has a section all about inspiring kids to love writing and she says that having a place for books is a great way to that! Bunny has written a few, but this is her very best work! I hope that you all are having a great time with your kiddos! Happy Schooling!