Christmas Metal Inset Ideas!

Bunny and I love the metal insets! They are so much fun to create different designs with and I love that they are also great pencil control practice! 🙂 Today Bunny and I spent some time thinking up and making some great Christmas themed inset work ideas! I thought I would share them with all of you in case you want to try them! Here are what we came up with!

Gingerbread House
{Square and Triangle}

Christmas Tree
{Triangle and Trapezoid}



Manger Scene

{Two Circles}

Gingerbread House
{Bunny said hers was better since she took her time and worked slower!}

Christmas Tree 2
{Three Triangles}

It was so much fun working together to create these different ideas! Bunny really thought that I could have done better if I had taken my time and colored more slowly! She is probably right! 😉 If you make anything special with your insets, let me know! Bunny and I are always looking for more fun ideas! Happy Schooling!