Montessori Monday~ Advent Week 4!!!!!

Well this will be the last of the Christmas posts! I was able to make up a few more trays this week and the kids were all excited about them! 🙂 They really got to work right away! I know that I change my trays out way too often, but this is such a fun time of year, I just cant help myself! This weeks trays are more Nativity themed and I really hope that it let the girls have a tangible reminder of the reason for the season. I will probably not change anything next week since it is the Christmas break and I will be busy prepping for January. So here is what I have out this week!

(This is more for fun! It is also great practice in following a work cycle through)

Pouring Stars
(They pour the into the star cups till the sparkles cover the bottom of both. They they use the funnel to get the sparkles back in the pitcher. This was a HUGE hit! Different twist of the same old work.)

Transferring straw into the manger
(This idea was adapted from a post I saw over at Montessori Moments. Awesome idea!)

Stringing ornaments

Coin Box with small wooden stars

Nativity Story Tray
(This a Catechises of the Good Shepherd Work. The child has the story read to them from the bible, then we wonder with the child about the story. Finally we use the material to retell the story so that the child can reflection it personally! It is a really beautiful way for the children to get close and personal with the story.)

Prophecy of the Week is Isaiah
I also wanted to have a little extra Christmas fun today! So I made some sugar cookie dough last night and today we rolled them out, baked them, and then frosted them! The girls were SOOOO excited about this project and want to do it right away! I was all set to go right away, but I forgot to get the dough out far enough ahead of time (there is a ton of butter in them, so they set up hard in the fridge), so we headed down stairs to work awhile before we baked! They all did a bunch of great work and had fun! Here are a few pictures of what we did today!
Stars in the coin box

Stamping fun

Pouring. This is was big hit with both girls! 🙂

Pup is talking to me about the straw as she transfers it.

Another cool Inset work from Bunny! Can you guess she wants snow? 😉

Bug decided to help Pup out with the transferring!

Tadpole tried really hard to use the tweezers, but gave up and used his hand!

Flipping Gingerbread
(still on the shelves from last week)

Addition Snake Game!

Cookie Time!


….and sprinkles!

Tadpole wanted to help, so I gave him a cookies with some frosting on it to spread around.

As expected he ate all the frosting! 😉

The girls had a bunch of fun doing the cookies! There is always such a look of pride when a child makes food mostly on their own! I love giving them time in the kitchen. Unfortunately though they were done after a few cookies which meant I was left to frost about 5 dozen on my own! Oh well! Thy taste good and Santa will love them!
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