Montessori Monday (and Tuesday)!

Well yesterday was a good day, but I wasnt feeling really great last night, so I didnt get my Montessori Monday post done! So I am combing yesterdays work and todays into one post! 🙂 Since we are sort of in the middle of a theme transition, we dont have any onew trays yet this week! Sorry! We went down stairs yesterday and got some wonderful work time in! We did a bunch of everything! Bunny and I worked on some reading and skip counting, Pup worked with some of the trays and played eye spy with me! They both walked the line with a tray!
Today was more laid back (ok I was busy making a background for my other blog that took SOOOOO much longer then the tutorial said it would! But it SOOOO pretty!) but we did some really wonderful work! Pup read a lot of books and did some stamping and sweeping. Bunny focused on Lnaguage work! We learned 4 new sounds and wrote words using the sounds. Then Bunny desiced that she wanted to write a mermaid book! So, I helped her stay on track while she wrote our each page! She did an amazing job! I really love that she made that she made the pictures so beautifully! Here are some the pictures of all their hard work!

Walking the line

Walking the line with a bell!

We also sorted through all of the paper work that has been laying about! Our bulliatin board is overflowing and so was the crate where I keep the current years work! So we needed to organize it!

Bunny worked on telling time to the hour yesterday! She did a really great job!

Skip counting by 6.

Here are the words that she read.

These are some stentences I wrote for her to read.

This is her picture and report about the Brain! I wanted to write about what she had learned about the body, but she wanted to focus on the brain. This is what she wrote!
(In the picture, the gray blob is a brain, and the girl is her on a balance beam!)

Today we were pretty busy too! Here are the pictures of today!
Sandpaper letters



And since I know you are all dying to know how her story turned out, here are the pictues of the pages of her book!

Isnt her book great! I love it! I really am so proud of her! Today was so wonderful and I hope tomrrow is just a good! Wish us luck, Bug and Tadpole join us tomorrow! Happy Schooling! Oh and if you want to see more amazing Montessori Fun, be sure to pop by Living Montessori Now!