Montessori Monday~ Body Week 2

Well I decided to take this week and focus on the senses! I really do have plans to talk about one a day, but I’m not sure that it will happen. We will see! I will be pulling out the different Montessori materials that work with the each sense at some point this week! Today we talked about the different senses and the girls were really interested. I did have a book to read and a work to go with the presentation. I made some picture labels of each sense and then found two objects for each sense. After I read the book the girls and I sorted them out! They really liked it alot! I put it out on the shelves so that they can do some more independent work! Another new tray that we have out, is a mirror and some paper. I had Bunny use the mirror to observe her sense organs and draw them. She did an amazing job and really used a lot of detail! I think later this week I will suggest a self portrait! We did get quite a bit of good work in! Bunny and I did some more letter sounds and she seemed to remember two out of three! Yeah! Thats better! I added one more. I think that this is going to work, if I just keep moving slow! I really appreciate all of your help!!!! Anyway, here are the pictures from out work time!!!

Sense Sorting Basket

Observing Your Senses

Bunny’s Plan for the week!

Bunny was very proud that she was able to match the objects to the sound! After that we wrote some words! I gave the choice of using the moveable alphabet or paper. She chose to use the alphabet because she didnt want to erase if she made a mistake. Here are her words (the sound above is the one she was using).

Another thing that we did was make some cookies! We are having a Valentines craft day tomorrow and I needed a pretty snack.So I thought that the girls would like to help bake! And they did! I gave each girl a job! They all helped cut them out! 🙂 Plus it was a great way to talk about all of our senses! We touched the dough, heard the timer and the mixer, smelled the baking cookies, saw the cookie cutters cut the dough, and of course tasted the cookies! 😉 Fun learning!

I told Bunny that she had to do the subtraction snake game again (even if “its not fair that she cant keep all the golden beads”!) She did a great job, and then as a reward for giving up her golden beads, I let her do the addition game! 🙂

Here is Bunny working on pictures of her sense organs! I think that she did an amazing job! I loved that she added alot of detail! I think that having a mirror added a way for her to see what to draw! I am really proud of her.

Here is her cover of the book
(As you can see, she has learned the sound “ie” She wrote “my” as “mie”! Yeah!!!!!)


(can you see the had creases she added?)


(she even added taste buds!)

So that is what we were up to! I think that we are beginning a great week! I hope that you really hope that you are having a wonderful start to your week too! I am linking up with Deb’s linky party, Montessori Monday, so stop by there and check out some wonderful Montessori work! And also dont forget to enter my giveaway for Karen Tyler’s Worldwide Montessori Course!!!!! You can find that link here!!!!!!