Montessori Monday (Ok…its Tuesday)~ Animals!

This week we are wrapping up for the summer! We have a couple of more waseca things to do, but I have a plan to cover things in a simple way. That way Bunny can study what she wants when she wants to. So this week we will be covering animals and some classifications of animals! Bunny and I combined several presentations today! Pup joined us for the vertebrate and invertebrate talk and then she left for other work! Bunny and I continued to talk and got into the 5 classification of vertebrate. I cant seem to find any good information about the classifications of invertebrate though. Does anyone have a good source that is simple and understandable? Anyway, we did that and I made a follow up work of making her own chart of the animal kingdom. It didn’t go as well as I thought it would, so we are saving it for another day. Here are some pictures of out work!

Today I also made some new trays for Pup to use! These will be my last themed trays for the summer (at least I think so)! They are animal themed and some of them are a redo from our zoo theme last year (you can see that post under my theme tab at the top of the page)!

Bunny traced each inset on a piece of paper and taped them together. She then proceeded to color them, but it was a LOT harder then she thought! To be honest, she really never really figured out how to color in the lines very well so this was really hard for her. I hope she finishes it. She did three of them, and got tired.
Another thing that Bunny and I did today was try and talk about the plan for the summer. She and I have been having a really hard time together and, while this weekend was really great, today she relapsed into the an angry defiant girl. 🙁 I’m not sure why or how to deal with this. She starts to throw a fit and will scream at me. I have tried punishment and I have tried problem solving, and I have tried sending her to her room to be alone till she clams down. She just gets worked up and doesn’t calm down easily. This usually happens when she is working, either reading or math. All of it is stuff she can do, but when something is trickier she gets really upset. Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this?  Right now we are going to take it easy this summer. Together we agreed that she does one (or tow) math works each day, and that she reads a book. Other then that, she can learn what she wants, how she wants. It sounds like a good easy summer plan! So that is what is going on here! I hope that all of you are having a great beginning of summer! I am linking over at Montessori Monday! Happy Schooling!